Upcoming Books

Artist, Activist, and Visionary. Daniel Ford Tarr is currently working on two books, "Reflections in Leaded Glass - Philosophical and Spiritual" which explorers the sacred symbols he used in his glass art. Additional he is working on "THE QUANTUM MEMOIR OF A GOOD ANCESTOR", is yet to be explained.

EXCERPT: Reflections in Leaded Glass - Philosophical and Spiritual
By: Daniel Ford Tarr

Bringing a leaded glass project from idea to existence is an act which embodies or exemplifies the ‘hieros gamos’ of ancient philosophy - the marriage of spirit and matter. Sunlight, melted sand (earth) and lead become beautiful, colorful beams and shadows and the Patron helps me turn lead into gold - I am a sort of alchemist.

The Work begins with inspiration - the breath of an idea enters my conscious mind; then the research; the engineering; the layout; the sorting and contemplation of the various types and textures and colors of glass to be used; the drawing and layout of the final pattern; the cutting and forming; the leading; the joining; the cementing and waterproofing; the polishing; the installation and the wonder.

Our shadow is weightless and moves with us; the glass shadow moves across surfaces with the turning of the planet and the intensity of the sun. Sol inspires and informs the shadow.

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